Career Services

Together with partners, we provide specialized programs and services to underserved populations, including dislocated workers, recipients of public assistance programs, veterans, people with disabilities, reentering ex-offenders and at-risk young adults. If you’re unemployed, underemployed, laid off or searching for a new career, turn to us!

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) offers many different services for employment and training. Here are the services available in Wisconsin. 

Job Center of Wisconsin

When you register on Job Center of Wisconsin, you’ll get access to extra career services and resources. On the site, you can search for jobs, create a resume, build a budget, connect with local employers that are hiring, find Unemployment Insurance resources, search labor market information and more.

Visit Your Local Job Center

What is an American Job Center?  Job Centers are hubs that help people connect to education, training, and employment.  For individuals, there are many self-directed activities, as well as staff assisted and one-on-one services available to you.  

Employers connect with job center staff and visit when hiring or looking to further develop their workforce.  Sometimes recruiters will spend a day at a job center in order to connect and talk with (interview) potential employees.

 Find the Job Center nearest you.

Available Services

Services are offered on a walk-in basis and are free of charge

While all centers may not have staff or services at every location, staff can connect you with someone best able to meet your needs. Stop by or call your Local Job Center for more information. 

Services may vary by location but can include:

  • Resource rooms with phones, free internet, printers and resume writing tools
  • Job training services
  • Job search assistance
  • Career exploration and advising
  • Interview practice
  • Skills testing
  • Labor market information
  • Employment workshops
  • Supportive services including financial assistance, training services, food assistance, childcare, emergency funds, transportation help and more

Specialized Staff

Job centers are partnerships that house many different kinds of career services.  Specialists for these services in some locations, and sometimes by appointment.  Contact your local job center for information on service closest to you.

Sample of Some Services Available at Your Local Job Center

Finding Work

Planning Your Career

Getting Skills and Education

Dealing with a Job Loss

Family Community Resources