Labor Market

Labor Market Information (LMI) is a critical piece in strategic planning for all business sectors.  LMI can be used in making decisions for marketing, determining the available labor pool, hiring staff, paying wages, determining site locations, or expanding a business.  Business Solutions representatives are available to provide employers with detailed current statistical analysis.  Resources for independent research and information include:

  • WisConomy is Wisconsin’s Workforce and Labor Market Information System.  Updated technology incorporated into the site gives users the ability to select and customize the types of LMI needed.
  • The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (DWD) provides a comprehensive collection of resources for employers including workforce management, labor standards, and many of the other subjects covered on this page.
  • The Job Center of Wisconsin (JCW) website is a useful tool for employers, as well as Wisconsin’s largest jobs bank for employer job postings and job seeker viewership.