Wisconsin's Open Meetings Law


The State of Wisconsin recognizes the importance of having a public informed about governmental affairs.  The state's open meetings law declares, "In recognition of the fact that a representative government of the American type is dependent upon an informed electroate, it is declared to be the policy of this state that the public is entited to the fullest and most complete information regarding the affairs of government as is compatible with the conduct of governmental business."  

Meeting Notices and Agendas are posted regionally for the Bay Area Workforce Development Board, the Bay Area WDB Executive Committee, the Bay Area WDB Proposal Review Committee(s), and the Bay WDA Local Elected Officials Board (LEOs).
 It is respectuflly requested that individuals planning to attend a Board or committee meeting,  notify  the Board so that seating and handouts will accommodate the number attending.
Additional information, and auxiliary aids and services for individuals with disabilities, is available by contacting:
James M. Golembeski
Equal Opportunity Officer
(920) 431-4100 | TDD/TTY 7-1-1 (toll-free)