Business Solutions for Employer Workforce Needs

Meet Ryan Herber

Business Solutions Specialist with the Bay Area Workforce Development Board


My name is Ryan Herber, Business Solutions Specialist with the Bay Area WDB.

My job is to connect employers to the services and resources needed to acquire, retain, train, and develop a strong workforce.

Funded with federal and state program and grant dollars administered by the Bay Area WDB, my mission is to grow and strengthen regional economic development.  My services are available at no cost to employers.

Ryan Herber
Business Solutions Specialist
(920) 207-7620


Serving Employers

Finding, developing and retaining skilled and conscientious employees is a top priority for business and industry.  With 30 years of experience in workforce development, the Bay Area WDB uses its expansive knowledge and access to workforce networks to help employers find and maximize workforce talent to grow their businesses.

A team of Business Solutions Specialists, armed with the knowledge, experience, and ability to provide individualized services, works closely with local employers to provide assistance with:

  • Recruitment
  • Skills Training
  • Retaining Talent
  • Connecting to Industry Partnerships & Initiatives
  • Expansion
  • Labor Market Information
  • Layoff or Business Closure Support

Bay Area WDB, serving 11 counties in Northeastern Wisconsin, has formed a Regional Business Services Team to assist in meeting the employer’s current and future workforce needs.


Our Business Solutions and Career Services team uses the Job Center of Wisconsin, Wisconsin TechConnect, and America’s Job Bank to post jobs and review resumes. Staff can provide employers with current labor market information, labor laws, and information on available tax incentives.  Job fairs are held throughout the year to assist with recruitment and hiring.  In addition, staff can work with employers to create customized recruitment packages and job fairs specific to their organization and hiring needs. These recruitment packages include marketing and pre-screening of job applicants.

Skills Training

The Bay Area WDB offers several training programs and incentives to help local employers stay competitive in today’s economy. The Wisconsin Fast Forward training grant program, along with other incentive programs, can offer on-the-job training funds to help businesses offset the cost of training new hires lacking job-critical skills. Customized training programs can be arranged for an employer or a group of employers with shared training needs.  Our Business Solutions Specialist and Work Experience Coordinator will assist employers with the development of specialized training programs to meet individual workforce needs, as well as provide services matching work-ready job seekers through our Adult and Dislocated Worker programs.  Employers may benefit from our entry-level seasonal and temporary employment assistance through our Work Experience Program.

Retaining Talent

Retaining experienced and qualified employees can be a challenge. The Bay Area WDB provides access to retention seminars, strategies, trends affecting employment and additional resources and information.  Additional services, such as coaching, employee development, and workforce assessment tools are available to help create a work environment that fosters employee motivation, growth and development key to employee retention.

Connecting to Industry Partnerships

The growth and expansion of area business is a direct contributor to the economic well-being of the region. The Bay Area WDB connects employers to expansion resources, strategic business alliances, and other regional networks specializing in business and economic development, and entrepreneurial initiatives.


The growth and expansion of area businesses is a direct contributor to the economic well-being of the region. The Bay Area WDB connects employers to expansion resources, strategic business alliances, and other regional networks specializing in business and economic development, and entrepreneurial initiatives.

Labor Market Information

Labor Market Information (LMI) is a critical piece in strategic planning for all business sectors.  LMI can be used in making decisions for marketing, determining the available labor pool, hiring staff, paying wages, determining site locations, or expanding a business.  Business Solutions representatives are available to provide employers with detailed current statistical analysis.  Resources for independent research and information include:

  • WORKNet is Wisconsin’s Workforce and Labor Market Information System.  Updated technology incorporated into the site gives users the ability to select and customize the types of LMI needed.
  • The Wisconsin Departmen of Workforce Development (DWD) provides a comprehensive collection of resources for employers including workforce management, labor standards, and many of the other subjects covered on this page.
  • The Job Center of Wisconsin (JCW) website is a useful tool for employers, as well as Wisconsin’s largest jobs bank for employer job postings and job seeker viewership.

Layoff and Business Closure Support

When workers are unemployed due to a business closing or layoff, the Bay Area WDB’s Rapid Response team will provide timely assistance.  Our team offers on-site information sessions to assist with employee questions and the processes related to unemployment insurance benefits, alternative pension and insurance programs, occupational and transitional skills training courses, reemployment services, and veteran’s benefits. For more information, contact our Rapid Response (R2) Coordinator Matt Valiquette via email or direct dial (920) 431-4110.

To learn how our team can help your team meet current and future workforce needs, contact:

Ryan Herber
Business Solutions Specialist
(920) 207-7620